Saturday, May 10, 2014

Renovation is underway.........

I'm still here, haven't posted in a bit because I really didn't have much to post. My brother came out for a visit so there was family time and then we took off for the coast for a few days right after he left. While on the coast we celebrated our 31st anniversary and worked on a reno project. I'll show you part of what we did - kitchen side of the wall will be posted after it's done. This was not all done in the 3 days we were over there, it took several visits as it takes time for drywall mud to dry between coats. Ignore all the ugly flooring as we'll be replacing that once we get all the other work done throughout the house.....which means it will be a while as we only work on the place here and there.

This is the living room side of the wall we worked on........well, to be honest mostly Sam worked on, other than me lifting a paintbrush and roller I supervised. This was the old coat closet.

Here it is with the closet trim and door removed and the drywall cut away from the kitchen side. We're putting another cabinet in that space. The kitchen is small and lacking cabinet and drawer space - we found a great 96" tall cabinet in a second hand store with lots of shelves and drawers.

See the bottom part of the cabinet?  Shortly after this picture was taken the top part of the cabinet went in, then drywall on the living room side.

Yes, missing many 'in progress' pix but here's what it looked like yesterday morning. The closet is gone and we cut an opening in the wall to open up the area. I'm going to look for something fun to hang in the top part of that opening, maybe a glass mermaid or such.  (Ok, so this electric leather recliner - very comfy but not what I was looking for - I was looking for a used vintage looking chair and ottoman, maybe something I'd slipcover - lesson learned, don't take hubby along - he saw this on clearance and wanted it.......not exactly the décor/look I'm going for.....but he is a good sport with all the vintage décor so giving in on the chair didn't seem like too big a deal)

Here is that wall again looking in toward the kitchen. Soon that cabinet (see it hanging down through the opening?) will be coming out along with the bulkhead it's screwed to - that will open up the kitchen to dining area tremendously. I will also be painting all the kitchen cabinets white, hopefully this summer. So the area behind this little table (yes, I bought another bargain little table) and mirror is the new/used cabinet in the kitchen. That wall is now finished on the other side but I haven't painted the cabinet yet.....hopefully next trip over, then I'll have more pictures to share.

So here's the hallway looking toward the bedrooms.  We stole a part of a big closet in the guest room for a new coat closet. Sam cut the opening, put the closet trim and door in and then had to divide the closet and drywall over part of the wall in the bedroom.

Here's that new coat closet.  It's not totally finished as only the first coat of drywall mud is applied inside, more coats and painting needed. We hate the color of wood in this house - eventually I will be painting it all white including the doors, those kitchen cabinets and the bathroom vanities. Poor Bailey's bowls don't usually sit there, they keep getting moved around the kitchen as we work - confuses the poor pooch.

Now it's time to get back to the loom, planning projects and weaving.


  1. And it all looks awesome! Lovely cottage to begin with, but obviously all Sam's hard work will make "more betterer"! :)

  2. Looks like Sam has found a new job! I will be interested to see how the cabinets look after you paint them. I've thought of doing the same in our kitchen, but am afraid to cover the wood.

    1. You can't really tell in this pictures but the kitchen cabinets in the cottage are bad, very bad looking. But they are sound cabinets. The work on the place is being done on shoestring budget so no money for new cabinets, even Ikea ones, hence the painting to come. And if we had bought new cabinets they would have been white so why not paint what we have.

      I've learned about a great product from the family owned home improvement store over there called Krud=Kutter Gloss Off - has worked great on all the furniture I've been painting - it's a deglosser and cleaner - no sanding needed. If you do decide to paint your cabinets this stuff is great.

  3. I didn't know you had another place. I love what you're doing with it. It looks great! I love the colors too. The neutral colors with the beautiful pops of blues is so pretty! I like the opening where the closet used to be. It makes it so much more open, bright, and airy. Very nice!


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