Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Handwoven towels......

I actually got to spend quite a bit of time at the loom yesterday afternoon - 6 towels woven. Maybe this afternoon I'll get to finish up this warp and move back to the scarf warp.

Two towels using blue for the pattern - I like it with the grey & white stripes..... up purple...... up yellow weft.......ok, so this is not my favorite but has anyone noticed how there is so much yellow and gray being used together in house d├ęcor these days?  Thought I'd make some with the hopes that someone out there with those colors in their kitchen or bathroom will love these towels.  Today will go back to weaving more with black pattern weft, and possibly red ones or more blue..........

It was so nice to get a number of hours in the studio, life this past year has interfered with that way too much, felt good to be weaving away and listening to a book on cd.....hoping to get back to weaving as much as I have over years in the past........definitely need it for my sanity!


  1. Beautiful towels Cindie and hooray for some quality weaving time!

  2. Beautiful towels would you mind sharing the pattern?

    1. The pattern is an overshot one - just a section of the Royal Crown overshot pattern.


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