Thursday, April 24, 2014

Finally off the loom.........

The Iranian Tilework inspired scarves are finally off the loom waiting to be washed. I will say that AVL bench is a butt killer and I've got 2 sheepskins stacked on top of one another on it plus my own ample padding - not sure why it's so uncomfortable compared to the bench I use with my Macomber. Will have to work on making it more comfortable.

This is scarf #3 - I used a navy tencel weft. The white grosgrain ribbon pinned on the edge of the scarf is my measuring ribbon for scarves - I have it marked at 65", 68" and 70" and then the midway point of 35" (for a 70" scarf) in case I'm reversing the treadling at the mid-scarf point.

And here is scarf #4 using a seafoam green tencel weft
Next up on the Macomber are white and variations of white chenille shawls. No time tomorrow to get that warp wound and on the loom but soon.


  1. Those are beautiful scarves Cindie! I love the drafting chair I bought for the AVL, find it quite comfortable to sit in and the air adjustment is nice if you feel like being a tad lower or higher on any given day.

  2. Cindie, the scarves are all beautiful but I love the last one best of all. Sorry to hear the AVL bench is uncomfortable maybe try using a small chair pad under one of the sheepskins.

  3. Brilliant idea with the measuring ribbon. I don't know why I never through of marking the mid-point. Duh!

    The seafoam scarf is lovely! I love how the pattern shimmers with it.

    My husband's chair at his graphics computer has a cushion on it and a sheepskin on top, so Thistle Rose Weaving must be on to something since hubby finds that comfortable and he has ample padding of his own.

  4. Those are lovely! I'm so glad you introduced me to tencel. I love that it looks like silk but costs like cotton :)

  5. I really love your scarves ~ such stunners!
    I just joined the Complex Weavers yesterday and saw that your Gingko Scarf won an award in 2013 ~ so belated, but heartfelt congratulations!

    1. Thanks Lynnette - I guess I should have put that on my blog - I won a Complex Weavers award early last year but the pictures of the winning pieces don't get put in the Journal until February.


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