Friday, December 6, 2013

It's snowing.........

This is what it looks like out this morning - snowing hard, very cold, very cold this week as in setting record colds. My poor hummingbirds are still around, I have to bring in the feeder to warm up overnight and a couple times a day......not that the house is especially warm......

So today's weather inspired me to create this Etsy Treasury this morning. Click HERE to visit it, favorite it, visit the shops, favorite them and the items, share it.........oh, and shop - there's still time to Christmas shop on Etsy and there are some great handmade items available.
On Wednesday friend Kathy and I went to a new tea place in Medford for lunch, Roundtable Tea Company. I am so excited that we have a tea place in the region again - doing tea is one of my favorite things to do. Owners John and Sandra are a delight - Sandra's cooking and baking is incredible and John is an all around expert on teas. Unfortunately we didn't think of snapping a few pictures before we had almost devoured our was yummy.

Here is the tea station in the room we were in - the teapots tip to pour. We got a lesson on each of the teas being served that day.

This is the more casual side of the shop where you can just stop in for a cuppa and scone or meat pie rather than the full high tea - there is also an entire wall filled with all sorts of teas to buy.......and yes I walked away with the Almond Rocker tea which tastes and smells incredible. I will be frequenting this tea establishment as often as possible.

Since today is a snow day and I can't go out like scheduled I will be working on finishing up some gifts to be mailed early next week. Hoping to get to putting together our holiday cards this weekend.


  1. Wow, looks like all of Oregon is getting dumped on! Here's a tip for keeping the hummingbird feeder free of ice -- tape a disposable handwarmer to the glass bottle. It will keep the liquid inside above freezing for 6 hours or so.

    1. Thanks for the hint on the handwarmer - I may have to go raid Sam's supply I bought him for golfing as I forgot to bring in the feeder last night.

      Yes, we were dumped on yesterday - Sam left work in Medford at 3:30 and sat on I5 for hours, got home at 8:30. A 4wd truck doesn't do much good if traffic isn't moving because of so many accidents but it did help him once they started to move and getting down our road and up the steep hill of our driveway.


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