Thursday, December 12, 2013

Status quo......

...... for days we've been promised temps would get above freezing, hasn't happened yet, today it was frozen fog with a high of 30. And tonight into tomorrow morning the forecast is for freezing rain.......on top of the snow........that's not bit.......just venting.......   

Today I put together more felting kits and got them back up for sale in the etsy shop. After that I started a fire, got disc 3 of The Vikings out of the Netflix envelope and sat down with my knitting. I finished up the first sock, got started on the second, these are to go in Sam's Christmas stocking finished or not.

Irritation of the day - 15 phone calls, only 3 of them from family ( 3 is a lot for me), the rest all recordings.......and most of them while I was deep into watching The Vikings which I kept pausing in order to answer the phone.

Funny of the day - Sam asked me if I'd start up both vans as they're sitting outside the garage in the frigid cold covered in snow, the older one has an old battery too. Old van started a little slow but ok, left it running for a while - the front end is in front of the garage partially under the deck so no need to clean off the front windshield, just the back one. The new van is sitting around front in snowville where the only tracks are Bailey's, mine and assorted wildlife. I started it up, left it running around 15 minutes then went back out to turn it off. Sitting in the front seat with the door open I thought I'd turn on the windshield wipers......a windshield with 6" of snow still on it......can you see what's coming next?!  Yep, before I could shut the door all that snow was pushed off the side right in on top of my lap, in the pockets on the door and all over the floor. I swear Bailey was laughing at me. I hope you got a laugh out of picturing me doing that.........I was happy to share..........

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  1. Brrrr! I hope you get warmer weather soon!

    We get so many calls like that these days. Irritating. We've thought about getting rid of our land line but the phone/internet/cable company would charge us more to get a plan without it. Weird! So, now I only answer if I recognize the number and that's rare. Otherwise, if it's a person I know instead of a sales call, they'd better leave a message!

    I can picture the snow incident and imagine how you must have felt when you hit that button and realized what was about to happen. lol Brrrr! Going back in and knitting socks sounds like a good plan for a day like this...inside where it's warm.


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