Monday, April 1, 2013

I milked this one......

It took me forever to wind this warp today, finally it's on the back beam ready to thread heddles & reed. My back was ouching me since early morning so I wound the 12 yards in slow motion taking many breaks during the day. My original plan was to get this warp on the loom and start weaving, take pictures of weaving to put up for sale in my etsy shop and actually cook a dinner.......just didn't happen.......but I'm not beating myself up over it like I used to do, the world won't come to an end.....
This is another towel warp - not sure why I'm weaving more towels than usual these days, I used to weave tons of towels for sale but got away from it for a while. These probably won't be off the loom soon, just wanted to get a simple towel warp on to work on here and there in-between other projects. These will be a mix of basketweave and point twill. For those of you that aren't weavers this is a view from the back of the loom, the warp threads are sitting in the raddle and behind that the lease sticks. Once I thread the heddles and reed from the front of the loom I'll take the raddle and lease sticks out - they're just keeping everything in order for the time being.


  1. Looks like a butterscotch candy to me. I think you wrote that first paragraph for me :)

  2. Pretty warp! Can't wait to see what these towels are going to look like. :-)

  3. Very pretty Cindie. Twill and Canvas weave is turning into one of my favorites. If I ever get a towel warp back on one of the looms, it's first on the list to use. LOVE the colors. Those will be happy towels for sure.


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