Monday, April 15, 2013


This afternoon I got a little time at the loom so threaded the heddles, reed and auditioned weft colors for the latest painted warp on the AVL. I have enough for 3 scarves - will definitely weave with the black weft but thinking on the others.......who knows, might end up weaving 2 out of 3 scarves with the black since it will be striking. This draft is by Ivy DeHart, I found it on It was a 32 harness horizontal draft - I decided I wanted the design to be vertical so turned it and it ended up being only 20 harnesses.
Auditioning 7 different weft colors - might find some more to audtion before making my final decision
Neat thing happened while the AVL was running - power blips due to the strong winds - and my new (bought last fall) battery backup kicked in. I heard it click on, then click off - not a beat was missed with the compudobby loom - whoo hoo - money well spent to protect the electronics.
I'm still having issues with posting pictures to the blog. Last week all of a sudden it was uploading pictures like always, then it was back to getting loading errors. I've found that if I start the post with text and publish it, then go back in to edit I can then get the pictures uploaded although sometimes it takes several tries - never got any answers on the blogger forum - oh well.......

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  1. I've looked at this draft more than once! I keep wishing I could do it on fewer shafts. One of these days I'll look at condensing it down. Right now there just isn't enough time and too many projects! :)


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