Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oh shoot..........

Here are towels just out of the dryer waiting to be trimmed, ironed and hemmed. Of course this will have to wait until I get a new iron as mine decided to die. Sam found a loose wire the other evening and fixed it but it only lasted for one day. What a shame, it's not very old. Hopefully I will have a new one in the next couple of days.
I did something I can't remember ever doing in my weaving career of 27 years - I made errors in treadling on two the towels (don't worry Yvonne, they aren't on any of yours). That's not to say I haven't made a treadling error but I've always caught it and have unwoven to correct it, this time I never caught it until I got to the end of the towel and it wasn't the right length. It must have happened in one of the many times the phone rang (yes, I need to stop answering it when I'm weaving), I came back to the loom and started weaving the wrong block - argh! Looks like I'll have two new towels for my kitchen......which isn't necessarily a bad thing........


  1. Well, I have had my share of iron woes recently so sympathies on that front. BTW, the T-Fal iron works decently, cheap too. I like the sharp pointy nose, makes for easier pressing on certain things.
    The towels look great. And if treadling errors make you add to your kitchen towel stash, that IS a good thing.

  2. Ooops! But, they're pretty anyway and will be wonderful to use.


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