Saturday, March 30, 2013

More gingkos.......

You'd think I'd be tired of ginkgo leaves but no way, I love them. Spinner/weaver friend Virginia has a beautiful ginkgo tree in her front yard - last fall I picked up an entire bag of leaves to put between the phone book pages to dry. I peeked at them and they looked beautiful. The next week the phone book has disappeared - Sam had taken it to recycling - yikes! Not sure what possessed him to pick it up off the washer and take it, it was a new phone book, it was not in the recycling basket. So, there's always this year.......

This past month I bought some new sheets & towels which I decided needed some pizazz.
Using the embroidery machine I embroidered these ginkgos on all 4 pillowcases. Ignore that purple mark in the middle of it - that was my marking to get them lined up in the hoop, it's  air erase marker which disappeared with 15 minutes after stitching (I guess I could have waited to take the photo after it disappeared)  Our comforter is shades of sage green so these pillow cases match perfectly.
I found some great ginkgo towels on the clearance rack at the store only there were no handtowels, just bath towels and washcloths so I bought some off-white hand towels and embroidered the ginkgo on the them too. I love the commercial ginkgo towels, see how the color reverses from front to back.

While the embroidery machine was running I got all 12 handwoven towels ironed, hemmed and ironed again. I need to be in the room to change thread colors so it worked out perfectly to have the embroidery going on one machine and me sewing on the other.

Today is tax day - argh. In a couple hours Sam and I will sit here with Turbo Tax Home & Business and work through our taxes, such a pain but I've got everything ready to go personally and business wise. Sam would be thrilled if I did it all but this is a joint effort, since he does none of the rest of it he's required to sit with me and do this part.......and there will be no sidetracking by putting golf on tv.

I still have no clue what the issue with blogger is for me these days, pictures won't load when I work on my post but if I start the text, publish it, then go back to edit the pictures will load. Kind of a pain but I'm not sure what the solution is at the moment and I got no help from the forum. Oh well.....

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