Monday, June 4, 2012


This is what I started spinning at the NwRSA conference - one of my dye day surprises in merino/tussah. When I dyed this I immediately fell in love with it but I can't keep every colorway I dye so I put it up for sale. After I sold most of it and there was only 12 oz left I decided I needed to spin it up myself. I'm not sure but I may ply this with some commercial silk rather than on itself....will decide after I spin up another bobbin of it. I'd like it to go far enough for a shawl.


  1. Oh it's GORGEOUS! I love shades of pink myself. It will make a lovely shawl Cindie.

  2. Oh my that is so beautiful it took my breath away. Love it!!!!!! The shawl is going to be just stunning. Great Work!

  3. I do love that and agree- ply it not on itself. Then you'll have more yarn :)


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