Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another one in the works....

This morning before I left for town to get my haircut and do errands I worked on planning the towel warp that I showed the yarns for yesterday. Got it all planned out, I'm ready to start winding a warp hopefully on Saturday. Oh, and love the haircut, loving it since I decided a number of months ago to cut most of it off - just keep it long enough to pull it up off my neck (ponytail) - have more layers in it this time.
So, next was to work on planning an inkle loom warp, years ago I made a worksheet for planning out my inkle designs, I color in the squares, then use it as my guide for warping the inkle loom. I played with colored pencils for a while this morning, might work on a few other options. I have a floor inkle loom and put on as long as warp as I can get on it (many yards) - once there was so much tension the screws on the bottom boards loosened while weaving and Sam had to quick get some carriage bolts to fix it while I held it together....been great ever since no matter how long a warp.
Here are the 4 scarves that were washed yesterday, they're awaiting fringe twisting. Not my favorites which is why they sat on the loom for so long, not sure why because they're actually very pretty.

Next up is to figure out what to put on the AVL next..........hmm, I could just spend a week winding warps - get every loom warped up, then spend the rest of the week winding warps for several days of warp painting (dyeing).

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  1. The scarves are really pretty, love the colors. I bet the hair looks great. I went very short this time around and couldn't be happier. Who has time to mess with hair when there are so many other fun things to do. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the AVL Might as well do warps this weekend, the weather sure isn't cooperating for much else but indoor activities. Stay dry my friend, stay dry.


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