Friday, January 27, 2012


Since I have no pictures to share or any news other than that I've been embroidering golf towels for Sam and cousin Jim and twisting fringes on scarves so I can sell them I thought I'd share my cousin Claudia's blog and shop with you all. She's very into upcycling and is making some very fun items.

On another note - I realize getting older means a few gray hairs - I probably have around 10 now, just a guess, at the age of 56.....then a couple gray eyebrow hairs have shown up in the past year or so. But the weird thing is that two weeks ago I discovered a gray eyelash -yikes! Everyday I looked at this eyelash and covered it with mascara, it was so long, how could I only have discovered it two weeks ago??? Yesterday morning I decided I had to document this with a photo, it must be a major milestone - it was gone! So, am I more upset about a gray eyelash or the fact that I've lost an eyelash so quickly???


  1. Don't worry more will follow. 10 grey hairs. I've seen you Cindie, are you sure there are even 10. I don't remember a single one! But heavens, don't be upset about any of it. Life is much to short to worry about grey hair. :)

  2. I'm roughly the same age as you and have way more grey hairs! You do win on the eyebrow and eyelash ones though...I'll raise you with grey pubic hairs instead.

    Ya, they go as well... now you'll be checking those too!

    Coming to terms with this age and stage in life is a challenge isn't it?

    Susan (who's going for her usual colour job on Monday.)

  3. I'm not losing sleep over it Theresa, just seems that I'm approaching some milestone and there's no going back, I'm not in my 20's anymore even though I act like it at times.

    Susan, you made me laugh! No, haven't seen any gray ones there yet!

    I dread the day I decide it's time to cover the auburn hair is not the type that gray mixes well with, it will just make it dull. I love the color of my hair - but some day it will go too....will have to find a really good color person to fix it then! Hopefully it's a number of years away....keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. I actually like my gray hair streaks, but the eyebrows are interesting. My mother used to pluck the gray ones and one day realized that they were mostly gone - not recommended.


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