Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This is the 3rd scarf on the bamboo warp on the AVL. This loom and I are making friends now that it's fixed. I'm starting to enjoy it. After I finished this scarf I moved over to the Macomber where a chenille warp has been sitting for what seems like forever, would like to finish it up tomorrow. Next warp to go on the AVL will be another twill design - this one in tencel with a heart motif - seems fitting with Valentine's Day next month.
So only one hiccup today which had nothing to do with the AVL, well sorta. The AVL bench is made for someone with really long legs, I know I'm not tall, 5'4", but the lowest of 3 settings on the bench is too tall for me. So while I decide how much I'd like Sam to cut off of it I've moved my Macomber bench over to use....I'm thinking the same height will work for both. We're having torrential rains today (much needed) and this morning while I was weaving on the AVL the lights started blinking so I jumped up from the old Macomber bench to turn everything off. Well, as I stood up the bench fell backward against the bookcase. I assumed all was fine when I righted it.....I never looked under the sheepskin to make sure. I sat down again and to the floor I went as the bench broke into pieces beneath me.....guess that fall against the bookcase did some harm to a bench that's well over 50 years old. So, here it is in pieces awaiting Sam to repair it, probably won't happen until this weekend. Other than a few bruises on my butt and a bit of a sore back I came through the fall in much better shape than the bench.


  1. Ouch! So glad to hear the loom and you are finally negotiating a peace agreement! Might as well have Sam cut down that other bench too. Can't wait to see your hearts warp, sounds awfully pretty.
    Snow here, but it's now mostly rain, quite the mess really, but it's wet so we'll take it.

  2. Ah...musical benches. I finally gave up and bought an adjustable height bar stool with a gas cylinder lift in it from Bed Bath and Beyond. It gets me high enough for the Macomber and low enough for the Leclerc, is easy to pick up and move from loom to loom, and I can even adjust the height while I'm weaving for a little change of position. With the BBB coupons that came in the mail, it was only $40.

    and now you have me longing for a warp I can do hearts with...even though I have a ton of other things in the queue.

  3. I'm old tech. Once Gilmore bench for two Gilmore looms. I reason that I can only sit in one place at a time. Thanks for sharing your AVL journey.


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