Monday, June 14, 2010

My tiara!

My friend, Kathy, surprised me at guild Saturday with a tiara - it was hysterical. We had talked about how much more fun a tiara would be than the plaques for winning best of the gallery at the NwRSA conference. Well, she knit, felted and beaded me a tiara this past week - I love it! So, tomorrow I'll wear it to my spinning group, might have to get there late to make an entrance. I'm sure everyone will get just as tickled over it as I did!


  1. Love it!!! Well-deserved for such a prestigious award!! (And scoring 100 out of 100....I don't think that ever happens in New England awards....weavers have very high standards!)

    Congrats & enjoy!


  2. How wonderful is THAT! Congrats. Love the sheep on the front. You are so deserving, but I'd still steal it in a heartbeat if I had the chance, and it's pink! :-)


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