Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So go back and check this little corner of the front yard in my post of June 11th to see the difference. It's an example of how the entire yard looks around the house. I'm very happy with how the landscaping turned out. There is still one spot I'm concerned with looking too empty once plants die back in the winter but they put one of the grass plants that stays nice looking all year in that spot so hopefully that will fill in with color in winter months. If not, we'll just go buy something else to add to it next spring. Now my job is to keep it up! (Landscaping update - not happy with one area and don't think the owner of the company cares....and we've already paid him....wrote a letter, hubby calling, we'll see if they stand behind their work, it's a small town)
On the fiber front - today was spinning and I wore my tiara.......until my head got too hot! Lots of loud chit-chat today while everyone was spinning or knitting away - very fun time.

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  1. it looks sooooo good...can't wait to see it in person!


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