Sunday, May 23, 2010

Phil the Reeves Pheasant

Here's our new friend, Phil the Reeves Pheasant. Many thanks to Yvonne for finding out what kind of bird he was when we sent her this pic from Sam's cell, she's our resident birder. Phil's been hanging around recently - sometimes hanging with the turkeys, sometimes alone. He seems very lonely as he's not afraid of us and even chased us down the driveway yesterday evening as we drove out. He enjoys being talked to and talks back in a soft melodic song. We're hoping he's not lost from his home, perhaps someone nearby is raising them. Sure hope he roosts in the firs at night like the turkeys so the coyotes don't get him.


  1. What a handsome bird. I take it he's not a native species? The turkey's aren't. He's probably hoping you'll feed him when he chases you. :-)

  2. he's native to China but they were brought to the states and other countries for sport hunting. if he hangs around enough I might be searching out pheasant food..........

  3. woderful pheasant!


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