Monday, May 24, 2010

Not inspired at all today....or else very tired.......

No pictures today, I'm just not inspired. I finished the first scarf on the painted warp on the loom (see Saturday's post) and started on the second scarf. I wasn't happy with the weft I chose so I started sampling with all different colors - I liked nothing. Finally I decided on a natural bamboo, have woven 15" and stopped - don't like it. I almost cut the warp off (very unusual for me to give up) but decided to think on it another night. If I still feel the same in the morning it comes off and the one scarf will be washed, remainder of the warp sacrificed to the weaving goddess. I woke up at 1am and got a couple hours sleep after that this morning so I don't know if I don't like the weaving because I really don't like it or just because I'm tired (am thinking I really don't like those oranges & yellows). So, I've been working on planning new projects - runners go on the loom next.  Now off to do some spinning.........or take a nap.........


  1. I have things I just haven't liked either. No point in wasting time weaving something you're not fond of. I'm with you, sacrifice to the weaving goddess and start something new and fresh. Hope you catch up on that sleep too. It's a good week for napping.

  2. Hi Cindie! This is Jeanine from LWS! Sam told me you were looking for a sort of adhesive to attach laminated photos to a stretched canvas. I do a lot of misc. crafts at home and I wanted to recommend checking into thie product called Mod Podge. It is sold at most craft stores and it is very cool. I put photos on a desk for my kiddos using this. You put it on the back of the photos and then attach it to the surface. Then you go over the surface and photos with another layer.It dries clear and it looks awesome!!! I looked at your etse sites and you do beautiful work! I'm thinking about ordering a soap or 2 for my kid bathroom! They can't hold onto regular soap in the bath, so your soaps would be a blessing!


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