Monday, April 26, 2010

Recycled weaving revisted..........

So I finished weaving the fabric for my recycled weaving fabric a bit ago - it's 3/2 perle cotton warp crossed with a plastic bag strip weft - the plastic bags are what my Ashland Bay orders come in - each color in a bag by itself. So, I searched and searched for a fabric lining and decided on the cotton fabric on the right. Well, that searching was done with just pieces of the chartreuse & black perle cotton, I didn't take into account how much lighter the woven fabric looks with the plastic bags....guess I should have just schelped the woven fabric with me to the store. If I have something more suitable in my fabric stash I'll use it, otherwise I go with this. The hold up for starting to sew was weaving the matching inkle band for straps. I want the straps to go all the way down the sides of the bag to the bottom so it's stronger. I'd pretty much been ignoring the warped up inkle loom until this afternoon when I wove like crazy to get the almost 5 yards of band woven. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to the sewing machine.

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  1. Well aren't you the inspiration with the inkle weaving.
    And fast too. Let's see, I have 6 heddles made...
    The weaving looks great. Love it. No matter what fabric you use to line them, they will be fun and quite useful!


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