Monday, January 25, 2010

Grazing Sheep Bag

This is a knitting project I started 2 nights ago. It's the grazing sheep bag that's knit and then felted, pattern from the book 'I Heart Felt'. I've been thinking about making it for quite a while, have had the book and wool sitting in a basket waiting but there was never time - now I'm making time in the evenings. I have made a few changes like making the bag a bit wider and making one of the sheep black instead of white, if I had some gray Cascade 220 I'd throw a few gray ones in there too, but I don't. I was thrown off getting ready to start when I kept looking at the graph and at the photo in the book and they didn't match. I went online looking for a correction to the book, no luck, other companies are great about putting these online. So, then I went on Ravelry to search for other knitters who have made the bag and found 28, all with tips and comments on errors in the book.

On the weaving front today. I did do another devore sample on the wool/bamboo scarf sample, it's drying now. I warped up the loom for a silk/tencel scarf that I will also do devore on, will weave a sample on the end of the warp to test it before working on the scarf. Half the scarf is woven, not sure if there's time for weaving tomorrow as I'll be out much of the day.


  1. OH MY cute would a sweater or a hat be with those danged sheep on it!!! They are sooooooooo awesome....I love the GREEEEEEN grass they are on....very very cool!

  2. Thoroughly cute bag!!! Love it!! (For some reason from the title I was picturing a bag that sheep would eat out of or something....not a bag with sheep on it!!)

    Your weaving productivity is awesome!! I need to channel some of that!



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