Friday, November 6, 2009

Three Shawls almost finished

Ok, so now that I've got these 3 pictures up here I see there's really not much difference in the photographs, there is in person, but not much here. I finally got back to the shawl warp yesterday.......spent Tuesday with my spinning group and a day trip to the coast on Wednesday. Above is one version of the rayon chenille shawl using another rayon chenille for the weft only it's one with tiny little dots of color. This is actually the third shawl which is not quite finished. I love the look of those tiny dots of color - I picked up a huge cone of this chenille years ago and haven't found any again, it's very fun. Usually variegated chenilles have repeats anywhere from 4" -12". As weaving this one I was thinking maybe it shouldn't become a shawl for sale but fabric for a vest for reality I probably wouldn't want stripes this wide for a vest - maybe I'll have to put on another warp at some point for a vest and use the same tiny dots chenille as weft.For this shawl I used a black rayon/cotton for the weft - it's hard to see it in this picture but it makes for a very nice effect.
This shawl I used a variegated purple rayon novelty yarn with tiny loops as the weft.
I woke up in a panic this morning realizing that the Pacifica Winter Arts Festival, where I'll have a booth on December 5th, is only 4 weeks away. I have plenty to fill the booth but there are a number of items I would still like to finish up by then.........not so sure they'll all get done.

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