Thursday, November 12, 2009

the second scarf........

Here's the second scarf on that painted warp. I used a black rayon novelty yarn that has black sparkles in it - too bad they don't show in photographs. It's one of those big cones of yarn I picked up years ago from an estate sale and have used it often, the cone is on the small side now, I'll be very sad once it's gone. Scarves are both washed now and hanging to dry.

I spent some time figuring out a towel warp that will go on the loom next but first I need to finish up some UFO's sitting in piles in the studio starting with twisting fringe on the 3 chenille shawls, first one almost finished this afternoon. I also have some felted items that need needlefelting embellishments.........and then there is more photography work which is always a struggle.

Saturday is another weaving guild meeting (other guild met this past Tuesday) where we'll be having a silent auction to benefit the scholarship fund. Tomorrow I need to find the perfect item to contribute to the cause. This event last fall was a huge event, very fun fundraiser.


  1. LOL, Cindie, you have UFO's??? Oh my god. I have enough that they are colonizing and taking over drawers. I even forget about them and discover something I started like a year ago. Visions of the Hoarder tv series float into my mind. ;-)
    The scarves look beautiful. I can imagine they are about twice as pretty as they look in the pictures.
    Happy weaving and have fun at guild today. I'll be lucky if I can slip down the mountain for groceries with all the black ice around.

  2. UFO's - oh yes.........and a very long to-do list which has several projects that have resided on it for a number of years.

    Not so happy with the scarves - a rarity. They aren't as drapey as I like although others will probably like them just fine. I know the fiber drapes beautifully so it's obviously the weave structure I chose.


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