Thursday, October 22, 2009

Latest spinning & weaving.......

Here is the latest project on the loom. I'm weaving a special order of a very long table runner to coordinate with some commercial placemats. The green body of the runners is 5/2 perle cotton woven in plain weave, the yellow 2/2 twill stripe is 3/2 perle cotton. The first runner on the loom had the center yellow stripe and a yellow stripe on each end which is the idea the customer gave me for a possible design. After weaving that one I took out 8 green ends one inch in on each side and replaced them with 8 ends of 3/2 yellow threaded in the 2/2 twill. I wanted to give her another design to choose from so I wove this one in the window pane design. It might be too busy with the already busy and colorful autumn placemats but it's another option. Still need to wash and hem these. I wove enough for the two long runners and another one approximately 36" finished.
This is my latest handspun. I had a bit of my hand-dyed rovings (approx 3 oz each) of Merino in my Violet colorway (on the left) and Falkland in my Very Berry colorway (on the right). I then plied the two together and came out with the skein below - it's on the blocker now. Not sure what project it will be used in - will depend on how many yards I have.
Even though I andean ply when bobbins end up uneven in plying it's always a challenge to come out even. This time I had only 10" difference at the end of plying - my best has been 3".

I'm working on a cute Christmas ornament for gifts but can't post pictures until after the holidays so no one sees them early.

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  1. Your weaving is excellent! How on earth do you keep your selveges so straight?


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