Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jennifer's handspun & life......

Life gets in the way sometimes - not enough fiber time this past week which is why there haven't been any posts. I did get the loom warped up with a runner warp, one of which is a special order to coordinate with some placemats. Hoping to get time at the loom to weave tomorrow......... I have gotten a bit of spinning in and a bit of knitting but not much.

So, I have pictures of Jennifer's handspun to share. Jennifer is in my spinning group when she's not away at school like she is at the moment. She came over last month one day while I was dyeing roving and helped out. She brought some blue-gray roving to overdyed - here's a picture of it spun up - it's beautiful!

And here are pictures of her handspun out of my hand-dyed merino tencel in the harvest colorway - isn't it beautiful! The sheen of the merino tencel really sets off the colors. Thanks Jennifer for sending this pictures to me. Unfortunately this colorway in the merino tencel is sold out at the moment - very popular. I do have some of this colorway left in the Falkland wool and the Blue Face Leicester wool. The recent convertible mittens I knit were spun up from the BFL.

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