Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today at the loom

Here's what I've been up to today. Earlier in the day I wound a warp for 2 scarves in Bambu 7 which is a 100% bamboo yarn from Silk City Fibers. I threaded an advancing twill which I love weaving, my feet dance on the treadles following the pattern. I apologize for how hard it is to see the weave structure in these pictures. I used a royal blue warp - the first scarf the weft is a blue of a couple shades darker, it's very hard to see the pattern unless you look at it at an angle but it's just what I was going for, a subtle look. The second scarf I used a very dark blue weft so the pattern shows up much more..........of course, my photography doesn't really catch the true color of the warp....royal blue photo is more true for the warp color. I could have finished up these scarves this afternoon but I got too chilly downstairs - needed to come up and get warm in front of the fire.