Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another day, another fiber

Another day, another fiber to try - so many fibers, so little time. This afternoon I wound a warp of 300 ends of chartreuse 10/2 perle cotton, 30 epi. The weave structure is a plaited twill. I wove an inch in the pattern (at bottom of photo) using a tan 10/2 perle cotton to make sure there were no threading errors........rarely are, but if I'm interupted by a phone call while threading there's no telling where I'll make a mistake, especially if I'm sitting there with the phone to my ear threading the heddles while talking. So, in the picture the first inch is using the perle cotton as weft, then I started using the Habu linen paper for the weft. It's very nice to work with. I'm not sure yet what this fabric will be for, in the back of my mind I'm thinking some sort of small purse. I also only bought one skein of the linen paper to sample so after I've used it all up I'll continue weaving with the perle cotton for a coordinating fabric. The only problem I had was winding the bobbin. I set up the skein on the squirrel cage and wound directly from that onto the bobbin......I learned quickly to be very careful having paper running through my fingers - paper cuts! Luckily no blood on the weaving.

On another subject - I'm very far behind in listing finished items in my etsy shop. One of these days in the near future I'll have to get out the mannequin and start taking pictures so I can get the shop more up to date.