Tuesday, June 6, 2023

On the loom........

I decided to weave this towel draft again although now I'm not sure of my color choices in the warp.  I do know once off the loom and washed the circles will show up much more so hopefully I'll like them. 

I'm sorry I can't tell you whose draft this is but I do remember I found it in the May/June 2019 issue of Handwoven. Well, being honest I don't remember this off the top of my head, I had it written in my notes from the last time I wove these towels. 

This is weft color number 3. I'm not sure what color will be next. I had hoped to have this warp woven off this past weekend but it didn't happen. Since I no longer sell woven goods I'm not weaving much these days but would really like to get back to it.  There have been many projects on my very long to-do list that I could never find time for.....not sure how to get my mojo back........


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  1. Hi Cindy, I feel the same. For some reason once you stop weaving one warp after another and take a break; it's really hard to get back into the groove! I seem to have endless projects in the sewing room and in the garden that keep my loom bench bare. I'm hoping this phase will end and weaving will become the joy it once was.


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