Thursday, November 10, 2022

Pick up stix...........

A friend asked me about how to do pick up letters using the article in the Winter 2022 issue of Little Looms. I bought and downloaded the issue and set to reading the article, very confusing. But my biggest confusion was in that there were two projects for bookmarks using pick up on the inkle loom.  I mistakenly assumed both articles used the same technique so warped up the loom for the first article. I've done inkle pickup in the past but the instructions for these were so confusing for both the pebble weave pickup and the letters - very wordy but not a good wordy. Maybe I was just being dense..........

Luckily, I finally noticed that the bookmarks she wanted to weave, above, were a different technique. Easy peasy as the pebble weave look is made by the color order, not by pickup.  Only the letters/spider are pickup.  So, I cut off the other warp and rewarped for this project. 

Here's my quick sample where I was getting it drawn in to the correct width.  I did 3 more letters after this fairly quickly.  It's fun. The only issue I see is that there are long floats, see the bar on the H......and there are fairly long floats on the back. Will be just fine for a bookmark but wouldn't be good for something like a strap.  I'll have to go back and look at pickup I've done a number of years ago to see how the floats look on that. I need to draw letters on graph paper so I can design other words to weave on this warp. I'll be getting together with my friend this weekend to show her how to do the pickup. Will be fun. 


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  1. I did a bunch of inkle pickup to make letters/words, and the floats were quite long for things like that center line on the H. Totally not usable for things that would get wear.


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