Sunday, April 24, 2022

Life in the fast lane.........

 I'm attempting to start on some holiday gifts which will include some quilted throws. Here is the start of one using Kaffe Fassett fabrics in my favorite Fast Lane pattern. I'm using a pale lavender as the background and dark purple as the accent color - both will be used again in the borders and binding. Very cheerful project to be working on. 

Up above my 'design board/drape' is a framed double weave pick-up piece I wove years ago. There are two layers of fabric woven at the same time on the loom, one over top the other.  Working from a graph individual threads are pulled up from the bottom layer and pushed down from the top layer to create the design. It's very time consuming but it's a technique I've loved doing over the years. 

I'm trying to knit in the evenings again like I used to. I'm working on a simple shawl I've worked on off and on (mostly off) for several months. So much better for me to work on something while watching tv in the evening rather than just sitting and watching like I've done much of the past 2 years. Maybe life is getting back to normal...........

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