Saturday, January 22, 2022

In progress.......

 Why in the world do some photos taken with my phone turn out sideways when uploaded to the blog??? It looked fine on my computer so I was sure it would be fine here.  Anyhow, just turn your head to the right to see it the correct way. 

Anyhow, this is what I've been working on the past couple of days - a small wallhanging. I bought this pattern and the fabric for it probably around 10 years ago. After making the sheep wallhanging kit that had been hanging around for years I decided to do another project that's been taking up shelf space.  This was really fun. All the fabrics were fused to the white background using fusible web. The black lines are fusible bias binding that comes on a roll, I had 2 sizes - 1/8" and 1/4".  Next up is machine quilting but it will have to wait until I buy some spray quilt adhesive, so I don't have to put pins in it...........and I need to start packing up much of the house in preparation for new floors and painting. Not looking forward to packing up stuff and emptying closets but it will look so nice once it's all done. We're doing everything except the master bedroom and bathroom at this time......holding off on those as we're going to gut that bathroom and totally redo it. 


  1. I am SO not a quilter. When you said the fabrics were fused to a white background, I'd think that was all the 'holding together' you'd need, but I guess not...must be after you put in the 'filler' and need to hold the front, filling, and back together.
    I have briefly considered doing some updating to my little house. Built in 1948 with few updates since then, I like almost everything about it, but I know that at some point down the road - when I need to move into some type of assisted housing - the lack of updating will be a drawback in selling price. But I can't bring myself to actually consider it. My kitchen? Tear out and re-work the kitchen? How would I get by? What kind of decisions will need to be made to make it both updated and still fit in with the whole style of the house? So nothing changes. :-)

    1. Yes, after fusing the print fabrics to the white background then it gets layered with the batting and backing fabric and quilted. I was never very much into quilting but have been having fun with it at this point in my life.

      I hear you on updating the house. Living in a disaster zone is tough, especially the kitchen. Luckily when we did the kitchen we were keeping the fairly new appliances, just replacing cabinets, countertop, sink. The only time we were without much kitchen was in-between the cabinets going in and the countertop going in - used a bathroom sink but still had the stove and fridge so it was doable. New flooring and painting coming up next month will be more disruptive since it's so much of the house. If you like/love your house as is then you should keep it that way, if not don't wait to update it until you sell, do it while you can enjoy living with it. When we bought this house 3 1/2 years ago we knew we'd be working on it.


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