Friday, September 6, 2019

Infinity scarves......

I just got the infinity scarves listed in my Etsy shop. I really love these circular scarves - they can be worn so many ways. I think I've only got 3 more to dye so will have to make sure I dye one in my colors to keep.....although there is one of these I might change my mind about selling.  

Twelve more scarves to photograph, more waiting to be dyed, and I've got some devore silk shawls to dye too...…..and some socks which are just for fun to give away.'

These infinity scarves can be found in my ETSY shop.


  1. These and the long scarves are all lovely. Your ice dyeing turned out well. Can you make that much ice in your frig or did you buy a bag?

    1. Peg, I have a full size freezer in the garage so I cleared out one shelf to house over 20 ice cube trays and bags of ice I stockpile from them. I try to remember to make more ice each time I dye but have occasionally forgotten and I had to go buy a bag. I like the cubes better than the chipped ice.

  2. So very pretty Cindy, I really love the green one!


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