Wednesday, June 12, 2019

What the ??? I don't use profanity but you know what I mean......

This is how I'm feeling this morning.  105 degree temp yesterday and the A/C went out early evening, temp today predicted to be 103. This house gets no shade so it heats up. The A/C went out within the first month after we bought this house last summer but we had a one year home warranty compliments of our realtor so it was fixed - dual compacitor needed to be replaced.....that happened when the temps were well over 100 also.  Well here we go again. We did have the option to pay for another year of the home warranty so we did since the A/C and furnace are original to the house. Right now we're waiting for a call back to schedule a repairman. It would be great if it was the entire unit that needed replacing rather than just one more part. 

On the computer/lost data front - we did have a ghost image of my old computer in the safe deposit box from August 2017.  So, I have everything up until that date, I think...... The hard drive is still being analyzed to see if we can recover everything which would include the past two years.  Yep, going to have back up drives to my back up drives in the future......since the back up external hard drive failed in addition to the one in the computer. When did life get so complicated???

This is a picture I took recently when we took family to Wildlife Safari. This guy was just inches from my camera. 


  1. So sorry about the AC problems! Hope it is fixed soon. Here in Florida, ours went out for 4th of July weekend one years when the temps averaged 97. I can only imagine over 100.

    So glad you have a 2017 image for your computer files. We have an external backup as you do (did), but maybe we should get a second one. What a hassle!

    Hope you have good news to report soon.

    1. I've been to Florida many times and your temp may have 'only' been 97 but you've got the humidity - you win for being hot and sticky without A/C. Today the humidity here was only 10% - not good for fires but certainly more comfortable.

  2. Ay yi yi! Glad you bought the extra insurance.

  3. Oh no! These issues always seem to come in clumps. Hopefully you are through it soon!


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