Monday, November 27, 2017

Making gift bags.........

 Today was pull out holiday gifts, at least those finished or bought, and start sewing gift bags to put them in. I usually bring my own reusable shopping bags to the store but when I forget I don't worry about it because I'll make gift bags out of the store bags that have handles on them.  I cut them into two pieces, turn them inside out and sew away. I do cut with a rotary cutter but I don't worry about being exact in any of the sewing.

Here are just a few of the many bags I made this afternoon, most from Trader Joe's bags. Of course right after I cleaned up I found another bag so I'll sew that one up another day. I can make a variety of sizes but they can only be so big so there are some gifts I'll have to figure out another way to wrap them. I'll make some cute hangtags for these. If I were really energetic I'd stencil something on the front of them but I'm running on empty these days so that won't happen.


  1. What a great and creative way to wrap gifts.

  2. I guess I'm confused. I get why you turn them inside out, but what gets sewn on them and why?

    1. I don't want the shape to be a grocery bag. I cut them into the 2 sides, front & back, then sew up the sides, sew across the bottom and sew a gusset on the bottom. It no longer looks like a grocery bag.


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