Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Crimp weave workshop

I'm very excited to have a guild sponsored workshop coming up with Diane Totten on crimp weave. This is not a collapse weave created by using different fibers or overspun fibers. This workshop is based on woven shibori and using polyester/orlon/orlec for the warp or weft, pull up the shibori threads, then steam which sets in the 'crinkles'. Monday I got my table loom warped for it. I decided to put a few stripes in it, some solid areas and some thin stripes of variegated - I want to be able to see different variations  of colorplay all in one warp. My warp is 8/2 tencel, my weft will be orlon, the shibori pull threads a bonded nylon. I'll post pictures of my samples in a couple weeks.

In April there's another guild sponsored workshop - this one on supplementary warp with Deb Essen.

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