Saturday, February 25, 2017

New shawl warp on the loom

Finally a new warp on the loom for summer shawls. It's an undulating twill in cotton, rayon and bamboo. Next one up will probably have a peach weft. But I won't get to it for a bit, still trying to get photos taken of stash yarn to sell and also need to do our taxes now that I have all personal and business pulled together........will be glad to get that done, I do not like tax season, too much administrivia for my blood.........


  1. Beautiful color combination. Did you use a warping paddle? Or warp front to back? Or what method did you use to get all those thin warp stripes?

    1. Peg, since they were random I didn't use a warping paddle, I just would pick up a color yarn and start winding on the warping board, then switch, sometimes winding 2 colors at once to get them alternating. If I were doing a repeatable stripe pattern I would consider using a warping paddle.

      I always warp from back to front so all my designing is done on the warping board or reel.

  2. Great color combinations for the stripes, perfect choice for summer wear.


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