Saturday, January 21, 2017

Did you wear your pink hat today?

Did you march today?  I did and am so glad I did. I wore my pink hat that makes little cat ears when put on......although I still object to the name of the hat even though I get where it's coming from. What a wonderful experience today was. I was overwhelmed at how many marchers there were in our sparsely populated area of SW Oregon. I can't imagine how many more there would have been had the weather been nicer and had it been more promoted in our area. It was held in Ashland, a small touristy college town - I'm still wondering where everyone parked, we got there early to find parking. I tried to get photos but I am just too short - this was the one time in my life I saw the need for a selfie stick to raise my phone up high above the crowd.

There were all types of people, all colors and nationalities (which is big for an area that's not very diverse), college kids, moms with strollers, lots of husbands marching with their wives, gays, undocumented Mexicans (according to their banner), and lots and lots of folks in the 60-80 age group. There were lots of dogs wearing pink ribbons on their collars........yes, I am a dog lover and noticed the dogs.

The signs carried were creative, some very serious, some very funny. Many signs focused on women's rights, many focused on the rights of all. Everyone was positive. So, this is a start, how do we keep the momentum going? I'll be writing my congressmen and senator......on a regular basis. We need to keep reminding them that they need to do what's best for all of us Americans, not just for the few, not just to spite the other party........we need to remind them to protect our rights, all our rights as this new administration moves forward.  

I'm hoping I find out when I see the news later today that the crowds elsewhere in our country and the world were just as peaceful today as those here. I'm proud to have taken part in this historic event.........the first of it's magnitude since Vietnam.

And perhaps you don't agree with the march, that's ok, we're all different. I just hope we can all agree that we want the best for ALL of those residing in our country.


  1. I didn't get to march; there wasn't one near enough to me. But I made the hat, and I wore the hat. And I will continue to wear it for the next four years, if that's what it takes.

  2. Yeah! Great hat and so happy you marched. I didn't. About noon I wished I had dragged my pitiful carcass down to town. But I did enjoy watching the coverage of the world wide marches. Awesome!

  3. I went to my local march. About 1,000 people, all very peaceful and inspiring. So glad I went. Hope we can keep the momentum going for the next 4 years!

  4. It's cool to see you made a "kitty" 😉 hat too. I made one and love it. I wanted to march but was sick that day. I live in an area where it's hard to find people who feel the way I do. So, I kept my hat and thoughts quiet to avoid making people mad. I agree...I wish everyone could be respectful of one another and agree that we all just want the best for everyone.


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