Friday, October 28, 2016

To blog or not to blog......

Or all good things must come to an end.........maybe. I've been rethinking so many things in life this past year - I need to simplify, I need to de-clutter....and most of all I need to free up more time for creating.

I'm pondering giving up blogging. I started out on this adventure over 8 years ago with the intention of promoting my etsy shops but it's turned out that my main audience are other weavers. I have met some great fiber artists over the internet throughout this 8+ years so it's been a good thing. Has it promoted my shops, probably not much, if at all.

How do other fiber artists keep up with online shops, blogging, tweeting, instagram, facebook, pinterest, not to mention online communities???  I can't seem to accomplish everything I want to and I've only got 2 etsy shops and a blog. Although it would be great networking I steer clear of the rest of it because they're time suckers (in my opinion). I'm sure younger people would think I'm some old woman who doesn't want to learn - well, that's not it, I am fully capable but I'm choosing to create rather than be consumed by being in front of monitor, tablet and phone screens all my waking hours. I want to weave, spin, knit, crochet, sew, bead, etc. etc. etc. I've had things on my very long to-do list for years - they're things I want to do (not the to-do list of chores that I can easily ignore). I want to read more, I want to learn more. Life is finite - if I don't de-clutter and simplify I'll never get to these fun activities.

In my efforts to de-clutter and simplify I have been gifting or selling many art/craft supplies that I know I will never use. If I haven't used it in 10 years I'm not going to..........yes, 10 years is a long time to set the 'used' rule but art/craft items don't fit into the regular household 'used' rule of 1-2 years. So, don't be surprised if you see a giveaway on the blog.

So, I will slow down my posting, eventually I may not post at all........someday the blog may totally disappear. I have no clue at this point and don't have to decide that today.

New on the inkle loom - for those of you getting excited that I'm making inklings again - I told you all last year it was the last inkling after many years of creating them. This is for another project.


  1. No do not quit blogging, I check in every day in case. Give up something else, cooking, cleaning etc.

  2. I would miss your blog. Your straight forward style encourages me and on some days even gets me to the loom.

  3. I truly enjoy your blog, but also know how much time, effort and just plain old brain power it takes to keep a blog going. If I can post at least once a month, I am happy. This past year has been a roller coaster for us and I plan to slow things down a bit! Take care and try to spend time on things that make you happy!

  4. I totally hear you. When people wonder why my website isn't current with what's for sale, I answer that I have to choose between weaving and updating the website, and I virtually always choose weaving.

    For me, the blog has been helpful as a record of sorts - when did I weave that? What fibers did I use? How much/little did I like it? Since I often don't want to paw through many pages of records and know that I still might not find what I'm looking for, my blog does that for me, so I will continue it. But I have been considering either Facebook or Instagram to stay in touch with younger people, especially since shows are not what they used to be, even the high end ones, for sales. And I figure I can do a much-abbreviated version of my blog posts, with just one photo, a few words, and a link to the blog. My plan is to make a decision on this for the new year.

  5. Making more time to create is a good idea. You'll be more relaxed and enjoy what you're doing more. I only post blog updates once a week or so -- you could try something like that. Or just post a single photo and a short explanation.

  6. You have to do what is right for you, I am sure you will figure out what you want to do.

  7. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing the pictures of your projects--so much inspiration! I enjoy hearing about what's happening in your part of the country too. I hope you continue to put something up, even if it's just once a month. But, it's your time and your fun!

  8. I'm going through the same dilemma seems as though I can't find enough time to sit at the loom lately. My decision is to keep blogging at a slower pace and shut down Facebook which is a huge time sink!


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