Thursday, April 21, 2016


 I'm planning a towel warp based on the Clark Tartan. The funny thing is that in 2 books I have and from looking on several websites I saw variations a bit in the plaids at each source. So, I've gone with the plaid that strikes me from the Scottish Registrar of Tartans website. Clark is my father's mother's maiden name.

 Now I'm trying to pick out the blue. I feel like it should be the blue sitting on top of the black cone, or even a little darker blue but then I'm drawn to the more gray teal blue sitting in-between the white and black cones. And the gray blue is probably more authentic for the kinds of dyes that may have been used in the 1700's rather than the dyes used in the last century. Since I can't decide I decided to set it all aside a day or so before winding the warp.

And I moved on to spinning for fun.....for peace of mind. This is from some roving I received in a raffle basket at a NWRSA conference a few years back - very lovely colors but not so soft to touch. I think it will grow up to be handspun/handknit socks as I don't think it will be soft enough to go around my neck. Final decision will come after the skein is washed but I have a feeling it won't soften up much.


  1. OMG, I am in awe of the thought that you would weave your own tartan!! It will be wonderful! xx

  2. Between you and Linda Lindsey, you've infected me with the tartan bug! Your spinning is lovely but made me laugh since last week I spun up the roving I got at the NWRSA Christmas party exchange.

    1. You know there is a Campbell tartan although that may be your husband's background........


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