Sunday, March 27, 2016

House guest.......

 I have a house guest for a few weeks - Theresa's Gilmore Gem II.  It's a cute sturdy little loom. I'm trying it out to see if I want to buy one for the beach cottage where space is a big issue. Unfortunately I don't have time to get a warp on it for the next week but the following week I'll get to it. I like it's look and design but the decision on whether to buy one or not comes after I've sat down and woven a warp on it.........does it fit me, feel good to sit and weave at, do I like the tie-ups. I can't wait to get a warp on it............

Yesterday afternoon after a nice visit with Theresa here and then into town for shopping at The Kitchen Company and trying out a new restaurant, The Horney Goat, I sat down at the loom. I finished weaving the all silver shawl and got this one started using white rayon flake for the weft. Ok, so I need to remember to ask at the restaurant who came up with that terrible name - beautiful restaurant, Theresa and I both gave it a thumbs up, but the name is bad......


  1. It IS a horrible name but I'm guessing they are trying to appeal to people who aren't us! I didn't get a look at what beers and such they keep on tap but it might be interesting to see what the evening crowd looks like.
    The pic doesn't do that shawl justice. It is so very lovely in person! Pet little Gilmore for me! ;-)

    1. You didn't see it but there's also a big bar in the back. I'm sure it's pretty busy on Friday & Saturday nights as some of the other places around the corner on G St. But I guess we're old - we don't do the night life thing anymore........

  2. I am very interested in hearing how you like the Gilmore Gem. Looking forward to hearing your detailed report ;-)

    The shawl looks soft and inviting - nice color choices.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Holy cow, I don't remember the Gem being that compact! That's a high density machine!!


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