Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More bow weaving...........

A bit more bow weaving going on here

A hat band using variegated cotton spacing the beads out a bit more. I have a shelf full of hats in the closet but I never wear hats........might have to start making an effort to wear them this summer.......or find homes for them to clear up closet space.

I bought a couple bags (50 in silver tone, 50 in gold tone) of key fob pieces last year with plans of making key fobs out of inkle woven and card woven bands but, like many other things in my life, I just ran out of time. Today I scrounged up a few pieces of leftover inkle bands and gave it a go to see how it worked out before I used a piece of the beaded bow weaving (on top of cotton strapping).  Sam created a 'process'........something he's famous for.......for me to close the fob ends using a vise with a couple pieces of wood on each side as to not mar the fob end.......worked great. I'll have to do some more inkle and card weaving this year so I can make up lots of key fobs............

I have a few more bow weaving samples I'd like to make, then it's on to putting together the kits for guild members and creating a handout..........then it's back to the loom for other weaving..........


  1. You bow weaving fool you! They all look great. LOVE that hat band.

  2. The hat band looks really nice on that hat! :-)

  3. That's such a great idea to weave key fobs! They would be soft in the pocket and yet allow you to hold on to the keys. Nice!!


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