Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Things always get better.......

Things always get better. After dealing with that tangled painted warp yesterday I got to weaving it today and no issues weaving - phew......I don't think I could handle another day like yesterday in the studio. Unfortunately the camera isn't capturing the color on these accurately, hopefully it will do better when I take pictures of the finished scarves once ready to sell.

First scarf using a lavender tencel warp

Second scarf - fuchsia tencel weft

Final scarf using a charcoal tencel weft
I think the next warp on this loom will be another painted warp in greens & blues then I'll move on to something else as all my other painted warps are in autumn colors and I want to weave more summer things at the moment. I'll work on dyeing more in the next month or so and will make sure to be more varied in my color range.
We had around 30 minutes of steady rain this afternoon, a welcome sight in our third year of drought. It's going to be another ugly, very long, fire season, it may drive me to drink........if so I'll have to find some fun fruity tropical drinks to make.........

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  1. All that hard work paid off--these are beautiful!


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