Saturday, February 28, 2015


 I decided to do a little beaded embellishments. Above I used some green and gold glass beads. I'm using Nymo beading thread as it's very strong and the beads won't cut it, I have several colors of it.

 Here I've used some gold and clear/gold glass beads. On the final scarf off this warp that had a rust weft I added some seed beads to the twisted fringes but forgot to take a picture.

 I got a warp on the loom for 3 cotton/rayon shawls in a lace weave structure. I decided to try out adding beads while hemstitching. Worked just fine although it's tougher to get the thread (5/2 size) through the beads, many reject beads but I'll have enough for this shawl. (For non-weavers - ignore the turquoise woven part, was just quickly spreading out the warp and making sure all the heddles were threaded correctly)

Here's the start of the shawl with the beads hemstitched on. I'm considering cutting this first shawl off the loom (when finished) to wash it and see how I like the beading before I weave the other shawls. I may or may not want to use this beading technique on the others. I don't usually do this as to not waste warp but since the warp ends to tie on and spread out will be used as fringe I won't actually have any loss.


  1. I'll be interested to hear what you decide on the beads. I sure do like that pattern on your scarves. Eight shafts?

    1. I washed the shawl and I think I like the beads in the hemstitching - a few moved around to the other side so will see if I can slide them back.

      Yes, 8 shafts on the scarves.

  2. I love the soft blending of colors on your scarves and the beads add a nice touch. Lovely weaving on the shawl and that's a great idea to cut it off to see if you like it before weaving the others.


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