Friday, October 10, 2014

Ice Dyeing

Here are the 4 scarves ice-dyed yesterday. Carol's are on top - they're stunning.  Mine are on the bottom. My red/orange one dried much lighter and is a coral color now. Lesson learned on that one - if you use a primary color dye, like red, it's going to dominate the scarf where as with other color dyes they are really mixtures of colors so when they ice dye they separate - much more interesting. What doesn't show up in this photo is what the scarves look like close-up - reminds me of marbled paper. We're hoping for snow this winter to try snow dyeing.

One of the chores on the to-do list now is photography of all the scarves dyed this past week - what a time sucker that will be....but first back to working on gifts.......


  1. Stunning Cindie! See you tomorrow!!!

  2. I wonder about snow dyeing - if the ambient temperature isn't warm enough, will the dye actually batch (adhere to the fabric/fiber)? I've always done ice dyeing in the summer when the temps are high, so I don't worry about it. Your results are really stunning!

    1. I don't know about the snow dyeing but I read about it so am willing to give it a try. I still don't understand how the ice dyeing works with it being cold but it seems to work.


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