Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stash Sale

I'm going through my fiber stash, no, not the hundreds and hundreds of pounds that I have in stock for sale in my etsy shop but my personal stash that is quite extensive although not hundreds of pounds......thank goodness.

I have quite a bit of roving I bought but now realize that I'll never spin for one reason or another......tastes change. So, I'm starting to list them in my etsy shop at stash sale prices of at least 50% off the original price. Some of them are mystery fibers but that's what makes them fun. Here are pix of what is listed so far.

I've got some beautiful alpaca, some in brown, some in white, that will be listed as soon as I can weigh it out into smaller amounts and take pictures of it. I'll probably keep a bit of that in my stash but believe me I've got a lot - what was I thinking when I bought pounds and pounds of it anyhow?

You know of course what this is leading up to - there will be quite a bit of empty shelf space......I could get some of the other stuff up off the floor onto those shelves or fill them with new roving.......hah.

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