Saturday, February 26, 2011

What I did today........

So, this is what I did today - I sewed the "Keshy Jacket" pattern. I had this great ginkgo fabric in my stash from who knows where, finally it got used. I love the jacket itself, the fabric and pattern were a challenge. The rayon fabric was very slippery and unraveled easily, although in the end it drapes beautifully. The pattern had 'minimal' instructions. I did fine with these minimal instructions until the last step when I sewed on the front/neck facing - there was no way to finish the point at the bottom of the fronts. The bottom hem was already done.....according to the instructions. I pulled out a similar commercial jacket I have to study the way the points were handled on it, totally different and not doable on this jacket but after much thought I figured out a fix by ripping out part of the hem. Now on the second one I know how I'll handle this last step.....still not sure how the designer handled it because there is no diagram or instruction. So, I'll wear this now with a long sleeve warmer weather I'll wear a tank top under it.  Now back to the studio to cut out fabric for the next one. Next jacket is in two different indigo dyed cotton patterned fabrics, hopefully it will be a much quicker sew since I'm over the learning curve. There is something to be said about commercial patterns with their step by step directions as opposed to independent designers with minimal instruction.....but then some of these independent patterns are just so darn interesting looking.


  1. sure looks different from the cut out pieces I saw on thursday!!!!! it's GORGEOUS!!!!!

  2. What a lovely print and the jacket looks beautiful! Hats off to you working with rayon. I know it drapes beautifully but I have never enjoyed the fabric for some strange reason, although that print would give me a reason to have another go at it. The fabric and pattern pairing are perfect. I hope you'll slip that one the next time we meet up! Looks like a staple wardrobe piece to me and you've done a really nice job sewing it, evil point and all!


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