Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back to my first love..........

It's time to start spending more time at the loom, weaving is my first love. The dyeing is great fun but sitting at the loom with feet dancing on the treadles and the shuttle flying to and fro is what makes my heart sing. I put one of my painted warps on the loom today and got the first scarf woven (above). It's Bambu 7 warp & weft. This first scarf I'm using a black weft, the second scarf I'll use a navy weft. The weave structure is an advancing twill.
These 3 scarves are from the rayon chenille warp I just cut off the loom yesterday and washed last night. I wish pictures could convey how soft & yummy chenille feels. I still have to twist the fringes - those will wait for a time when I need a break from something else. I did get weft ends trimmed and pulled the waste yarn out of the fringe today.


  1. It all looks yummy! You're making me jealous, not a whole lot of weaving going on these past few days.

  2. I love the advancing twill. It looks so complicated and unique. So glad to see you back at the loom.

  3. I love those red and blue rayon chenille scarves!!!! they look SOFT...I want to feel!


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