Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I thought I'd post at least one picture from our trip - this was taken in Leavenworth at our campsite on the Icicle River, those rapids were literally a few feet from where we were sitting and reading - the roar of the snow runoff was deafening but oh so lovely. It was hot, around 90, but when the breeze blew over the water it sent chills through me.....definitely not a spot to swim this early in the season.

I did finally get to the loom yesterday for just a bit, hopefully will finish up the summer shawl warp soon, it's been on the loom for way too long. I'm also working on planning for setting up a new website to sell Ashland Bay Trading Co. spinning & felting fibers and yarn. It takes so much time just to figure out what company to use for e-commerce, what I want on the site, etc. And next comes figuring out what stock to order first - so many colors & fiber! When I get everything up and running I will post an announcement here.

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  1. wow what a beautiful campsite...I think I am jealous!!! :-)


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