Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The latest project on the loom - an advancing twill scarf in soy silk. The warp is a space dyed soy silk, the weft a solid brown. If I had more of this on the shelf in the studio I would have liked to have had more contrast in the weft, like a rich dark chocolate brown but I don't. This project is actually part of a guild program for March and I only bought enough soy silk for two projects, the other dark pink. It's very expensive, as in way more expensive than real silk.
Traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner has been postponed due to nasty weather..........was snowing the first half of the day, has now changed to rain but will be changing back to snow this evening. Not good traveling for family to get up to our house or to get home traveling over a mountain pass.
Another bummer for the afternoon is that my server connection to msn is down so no email - horror of all horrors! I do have the yahoo account but only use it in emergencies..........this may be one if the server connection doesn't come up soon.