Monday, September 8, 2008

Bailey the pin-up

Ok, so I know this isn't fiber related but I'm a proud mom so I have to share. Golden Bond Rescues, where we adopted Bailey at the end of January, was asking for submissions for the 2009 calendar. So, of course, I sent in 4 to be considered along with a letter from Bailey about his background (what we know of it). We got an email a couple weeks ago saying that 2 of Bailey's pictures were chosen for the calendar. Finally today they're up on the website for sale ( If you click on calendar you can see the 12 pictures chosen - Bailey is the one on the bottom in the center laying in the snow - that picture was taken his first week here. I can't wait to read the text that goes along with it. Since they said 2 pictures were chosen I'm making an assumption they also have small pictures scattered throughout the calendar.......won't know which of his other pictures was chosen until I get mine in the mail. We're trying very hard not to let this go to his head! Here's the big picture that will appear in the calendar - not sure which month, if they're in order it would be November but who knows.