Friday, July 4, 2008

Welcome to my blog

Hi, I’m Cindie, aka eweniquely ewe fiber creations, and I can’t believe I’ve finally given in and started a blog. I think it will be fun to share what’s going on with the fiber arts in my life….and hopefully it won’t take too much time away from the loom.

I’ve always been involved in the arts but didn’t find my true calling until I discovered weaving (other than the tapestry weaving I had tried back in college) in 1986 – I’ve been hooked ever since. In the early 90’s I started spinning which led to knitting. In more recent years I discovered beading when I decided to start embellishing my handwoven scarves with beaded fringes.

I own several looms – my primary loom is a 40” 10 harness Macomber, I also own a 24” 8 harness Macomber, an 8 harness Woolhouse table loom and a floor inkle loom. As far as spinning wheels go I love my Majacraft Little Gem II and my Lendrum folding wheel, I also just bought a Country Craftsman flax wheel. Oh, and then there’s the drop spindles – not sure how many I have, haven’t counted them, but a few of my favorites are 2 Goldings and 2 Forresters, oh and a Jenkins Turkish Spindle.

I weave a wide variety of pieces – scarves and shawls are what I primarily sell but I also weave all types of handwoven linens including towels and a variety of other items.

So, that’s enough chit-chat. This blog will mainly be a big show & share of what’s going on. I’ll post some pictures to start and will add to them as I take more and as more items comes off the loom.

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