Thursday, September 18, 2014


I'm growing weary of fire season.....I've had enough. I want measurable rain and lots of snow in the mountains.  We did have some rain overnight - light rain, not enough to put out any fires but enough to keep the fire at bay and let the firefighters make some progress. It's cooler today which is good for the fire fight but starting tomorrow it's heading back to dry and temps in the 90's. Yesterday due to heavy smoke the copters didn't get in the air until 2:30 and then it wasn't much, no planes. Today may be more of the same - all ground work on the fire lines.

Here is the latest fire map - the fire has grown but not tremendously, most of that growth is to the north, not to the east. It's now at 4,077 acres, 8% contained, 780 personnel and as of this morning has cost 2.7 million dollars to fight.  I think we're in it for the long haul as there's a town hall meeting later today at the middle school with fire personnel giving updates and answering questions.

This morning neighbors Merle & Carol came over and picked me up to take a ride up Pickett Creek  to view the fire close up but with so much cloud cover we weren't able to see anything - I think we were on that ridge in the upper right portion of the fire map, in the area where it says NF640. I was hoping for some photos but not this morning. Merle was trying to alleviate my worry some by showing me that even though the level one evacuation orders are in place very close to us that we are still pretty far from the fire. He said to get to us it needs to come over that ridge, a road and the river.......hmm, out of control fire I could see it happening in a day......but he did make me feel a bit better - thank you Merle.

I 'played' with roving all day yesterday -  weighing, bagging, labeling, relisting in the etsy shop and putting into my inventory spreadsheet - what a long day, tired of 'playing' with roving.  Didn't sleep much last night so am pretty worthless today, not sure I can sit at the loom but I can work on machine felting some 'things' I knit that will be gifts. The holidays will be here before I know it - ack.

My heart goes out to all those who lost homes in the Boles Fire in Weed just down Interstate 5 from our region - how scary and sad for them all. And it wasn't just homes - it's a mill town and the mill will be closed for what may be months getting over the fire. And now another big one threatening thousands of homes east of Sacramento. There are so many fires up and down the west coast right now it's scary.  And then the torrential rains and flooding in other areas of the country - sure wish some of that moisture could be shared with the west coast.

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